Simulation Error potential solutions

Solution 1:
No Autonomous Proxies, Just Authorities and Simulated Proxies.
Pros: Never de-sync.
Cons: Probably really choppy, since network updates take much longer than render updates.

Solution 2: Let Server “reset” to true location, rotation, and velocity.
Pros: De-syncs are corrected at a rate equal to round-trip ping.
Cons: Can be wrong all the time other than when it gets forced to update to the true transform and velocity.

Solution 3: Keep track of timestamps and what velocity and rotation and location we had, between updates, and use that information to correct the interpolation and magnification errors.
Pros: I think this is how AAA games do it, and although they get "rubber-band"ing at high ping, it seems like the best that can be done.
Cons: I don’t know how to do it properly, and it seems difficult to implement.

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Nice potential solutions!

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