Simple chair

I finished the first section of the blender course last week, and over the weekend I did some work putting together some very simple models of things I found around my house. This model is based on a chair in my bedroom:

It’s not much. Just a few resized shaped stacked together, a little uneven in places. Even so, I do kinda like this one.

Any advice/criticism is welcome, though I ask you to remember I’m only just getting started with blender.


It is a very nice chair!

I will have to say I think the smaller cylinder pieces (rods) are a bit too thin compared to the heftiness/size of the rest of the chair. Overall, it looks great though.

What you could do (if it pleases your eye) is enlarging the thin rods in size and maybe add a few loop cuts (Shortcut CTRL+R in Edit Mode, Press a number to choose amount of cuts, Left-click to confirm the number, and then Right-Click to set them at default position unless you want to slide and Left-click to confirm final position). Then just scale some of the edge loops you just made to give the rods more of a unique shape.

It might match more if you rounded the rest of the chair and trimmed it down slightly. You could try the bevel function by selecting all the hard edges of the chair (not the rods) and pressing CTRL+B while in Edit Mode. Then just slide your mouse or enter a number and Left-click or press Enter to confirm.

But then I would probably make the back of the chair a bit taller.

Keep up the good work~ :pizza:

I think you did a nice job, especially if you are new to Blender and this is your first “on your own” project. There is a lot to learn in the course but, I think your starting to put the theory into practice is an excellent idea. The more experience you gain the better your models with be.

Oh, and one suggestion. Keep all your models for future reference! Then you can go back and see how far you have come along over time. Even go back and remake then with the greater knowledge you gain. It really can be amazing to do back and ponder “then” and “now”.

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