Shrink and match height have the same behaviour


when I watch the video for lecture 132 I do not follow why the height match is dismissed for the Screen Match Mode of the Canvas Scaler. To me, Shrink and Match Height gives the same aspect behaviour, which is that only the sides of the image are cut, nothing on top or on the bottom.

I might have misunderstod how I should be thinking about this, but in the video around 6 minutes in to it, where you try the different aspect ratios for the height match, I cannot see the effect it has in the Scene window. There is no blue(?) box in the Scene window indicating how the image is cut. If there had been, I might have surmissed that I have some configuration issue and skipped it over but I really do not understand what you base your dismissal on since I cannot see it in my project and neither in the video. (I gathered that the grey bars are not a problem, only the blue ones)

If I have followed your instructions exactly, should I be able to see the top and bottom being cut by the blue box in the Scene window when using match height or should I see blue bars appearing?

If so, why is this not displayed in the video?

It seems that my image was 1600x900 already whereas in the instruction video it had another format. This could be the cause for me not seeing any difference for the screen match mode of the canvas scaler between shrink and match height.

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