Showcasing Terminal

Man this topic has so many posts, it would take a lifetime to read them. But still, you will find many great terminals in here, so gonna spend a lifetime just to do that! :slight_smile:

just begun the cours I am green in all of that but I want to share a story that I came up with making exercises


using namespace std;

int main()


cout<<endl << "You are infamous thief Called Bob"<<endl ;

cout<<"You found yourself in dificult situation"<<endl

<<"of being poisoned , only cure is behind 10 doors"<<endl

<<"which every door have 3 numbered code to crack"<<endl

<<"Will You be able to survive!?"<<endl;

return 0;


Typical Dutch story here: I lost the 3 digit code of my bicycle lock and I ask for help to open it. .

Smth like that


And done.

Very creative stories in these terminals!

keeping it simpleTriplex

sum and product

Screenshot (12)

this is my game in vietnamese :smiley:

this is what I made so far

A secret agent playing Fortnite! That too on work? He must be punished!(By his dad probably)

Here is my Screenshot of my tripleX game