ShowCase, My Own Dining Place

I’m in lecture 57 (At the end of the Bowling Pin Area) and this is what i made after completing this section! I was trying something different, i used Cycles Render, cause i saw Blender Render is way less nice then Cycles, only negative thing is that I don’t have color cause i don’t know how that works in Cycles.
I ended this ‘dining place’ and ‘Apple Bowl’ in around 2 hours. Hope you like it :smiley:

(I’m pretty new to this game, so please have a little respect XD)
Have a good one guys!


We love to see it in colors and textures, when you have learned that (not difficult).
One small observation; it looks like if the knife sticks in the cup.
Maybe some pepper and salt ?
Lot’s of inspiration here. Nice work!

Thanks ALLOT for ur reply Pete! :smiley:
The knife did indeed sticks a little bit in the cup, and no I’ve didn’t learn textures at all, and only basic materials for Blender Render. Thanks for the Tips,

I’m going to add the pepper and salt soon, and will get the knife out of the cup. Can’t use materials however yet, but i will change the picture again and send u a message when ive changed those things :smiley:
Thanks You allot for the reply,

Have a good day men!

Ive made some improvements :slight_smile:

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