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Here’s my end ‘spiced up’ prototype game …

Bullet time / slow mo can be switched off from the menu

It’s ended up with two controls currently
One I find harder than the other and was there for a more actiony play but not sure it works any better (and seems to slide occasionally)

Not sure the later levels are playable - may need to speed up the player too

Feedback welcome

emphasized text

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Can I suggest you put Quest names in the title so it is clearer in the long list which quest the topic is about?

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Great job!. I did find the bullet-time a bit chuggy for me, I don’t know if that’s a Web GL issue or if its because I have about a million browser tabs open. But I really enjoyed it and I liked that you put in that you can turn it off (although that isn’t clear from the UI, I thought it would make the game go in slow-mo if I chose that option). I like the zoom in on bullet time too, I totally spaced on that one, I had no ideas how to represent the bullet time, other than the obvious.

I do love popping those balloons

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Here is what i made, nothing special took about 3 days, and gave me asome headaches but got in a stage whre i am somewhat satisfied :smiley: , tell me what you think


Cool - different levels - different blocks nice.

I dig it!

I like the speed boost, thats a nice touch.

Cool idea having the text pop up to say when you’ve hit a block. Always nice when there’s feedback like that for the player. :slight_smile:

@Franta_oo2 this was a great effort as it has so many nice features and moments.

I like the castle, the bouncing text and the power ups and power downs.

Great Work