Should I do the new C++ version?

I’ve recently completed the archived version of the cpp ue course.
Right now I don’t understand weather I should re-do the cpp course, just the new version or should I move on to learning about blueprints or multiplayer?
How much is renewed and wearth going over that is different from the old course…?

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That depends, if you feel like there are some gaps in your knowledge I’d definitely check out the new stuff(The new Toon tanks is a lot of fun, plus, they have the third-person shooter section now too, and that has stuff like animations and more complexities to further the teachings). If you’re comfortable with the engine, I’d say go ahead and explore other things, but I defiantly would come back and at least check out the building escape( More of a refresher, but they do a better job explaining things in the new one imo) toon tanks and shooter, these are honestly just really good.

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