Should I convert all my code, or do I just use the provided examples?

Hi Ben [and others],

First off thanks for the great course.

I actually enrolled because I wanted a fun way to brush up on my c/c++ development skills [I haven’t had to build anything of any real complexity for about 20 odd years now].

I kind of went a little off script and just built a barebones “Bull Cow” game before taking the lectures. Most of my code is differs in structure from the solution in that it encapsulates the game [not that well I have to admit] in an object called “CBullCowGame” that contain all the IO and pretty much all the game logic.

I’ve since heard mention that the code will eventually be used to create a 3D game using the Unreal engine? Is it worth going over my code and making it a bit less “functional” and a little more “fleshed out” [also converting it to the Unreal coding standard], or would I be better off saving the time, pushing on with the lectures, and using the code from the course?

All the best


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