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after watching the “insetting question for you” video, I thought of something I was really missing in most “shortcut heavy” lessons. I think a shortcut list for every lesson would be extremely helpful. I’m saying this because most of the time, I find myself navigating through the videos back and forth, just to find what was that specific shortcut. The best example is lesson 29.

Right now, I’m using a pen and paper solution, which is nice, because I’m old school :slight_smile:
Anyway, just trying to help!

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Yes, I 2nd this! Great idea.
Please provide a list of shortcuts either during, before or after the lesson.

There is a shortcut list included in the section 1 assets. It’s a pdf labeled Blender-Keyboard-Shortcuts.


Yup! The PDF is even broken into Sections to accord with the videos. I’ve been thinking about printing and laminating it so I can have a durable reference page near my workspace!

Because of the shortcut keys that were mentioned in lecture 27, I did some playing around with extrusion and moving object/faces etc and I noticed that the info header in the 3D viewport provides all the information of the keys your are using (X,Y,Z direction, inset thickness etc). I was never aware of this and did all my “precision” work using the CTRL- or SHIFT-key (windows) and by mouse movement. Now I know that it is possible to assign values when using these shortcut keys I can do very nice precision modelling.

If I am correct, precision modelling was only explained in the first section with respect to objects and their location and arrangement in space, but there was no explaination about vertice precision modeling. Maybe a small additional video or extra explanation that shows a little about the shortcut keys and how you can use additional commands
(eg. I -> number, or G -> X,Y,Z -> number) can be an idea.

In case this was explained earlier in a lecture and I missed this, ingnore my comment. :wink:

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