Shortcut feedback

The shortcut keys are excellent and extremely helpful, as long as you introduce them clearly the first time I think it is great.

It would also help to remind the basics each lecture, like when switching edit to object mode.

Loving the course!

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The shortcut keys are good. If I do not get them the first time then I will get them the next time I watch the videos. No worries.

shortcuts are great…

Yes I also agree, the shortcut keys were great. :relaxed:

Not intimidating at all. It takes a bit of time to get use to them but once you kind of understand the logic behind them, you can actually “guess them right” even if you do not know them. And then, of course they make your work flow a lot faster.

Agreed! You’re doing an awesome job in teaching the basics of blander. Shortcut keys are very clearly explained. =) Keep it up! :wink:

I too have already forgotten the shortcut to switch between edit and object mode. A nice reminder on the items like this, that don’t have a mouse over hint, would be nice. :slight_smile:

Use the TAB key to toggle between edit and object mode. It is mentioned again in a couple of the following lectures. :slight_smile:

The use of shortcut keys extremely efficient. You showed my how to do what I did in a fraction of the time. Thanks, thoroughly enjoying these lectures !

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