Shoot the hoop requirments

Shoot the hoop requirements:-

Assets needed:-

Vector code for the angles for shooting.
Artwork of the court, hoops and balls.
Sound effects for balls going in the hoop or hitting the ring ect.
Timer to be displayed for game time.
Point total
High score total.

No List:- For future development or random idea’s

Difficulty setting that automatically sets a time limit.
Wind effects
Hands on ball animation

Assets Needed
-Point Counter

a bell indicating you have scored

No List:
-moving hoops
-player walking

For the game -Shoot the hoop

What are the requirements?

3d design elements and objects.
3d vector mapping
Score-keeping system
Time-keeping system that ends game after 1 minute
Sound effects for ball in basket, ball in air, new ball in hands, cheering crowds for in, awww for miss.

No list:

No need for physical body display.
No need for other players or visuals on crowds.

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