Shipyard Blend = awesome Blender Lego fun

Hey guys, found an awesome fun .blend you can get from blend swap for free called shipyard…think of lego for blender…its up to you to assemble the ship how you see it and texture it …i think 5 layers of different space ship parts are provided for you to assemble from …its great fun :slight_smile: Its kind of cheating, but heck as long as you don’t pretend you made all the pieces and take credit for that then…why not hahah Lego for blender!
can be found here I think there are several shipyards…the link is to version 7

RSS Valyrion Carrier Class Support Vessel…will look cool i think once textured :slight_smile:


Neat, thanks very much for the find!

No problems mate! If you have never been to you will love it! Mountains of materials, textures, node setups and blends it’s like Xmas the first time you go there haha

Thats pretty awesome. And (At least the one you linked to) is public domain, so anyone can use it for anything, though its still good to give proper credit.

Now I just need to get far enough in this course to make use of this for my games. Though by that time, I’ll probably be making my own space craft lol

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