ShellBreaker (Beta) & a Big Thanks!

Hello Everyone!

First of all I want to thank the People at for their great courses. Especially the Unity 2D course, where I drifted a bit off in the block breaker section which led to ShellBreaker the first ever game I published (in beta for now) on the play store. This probably would also have never happened without the “Finish-it” course where Rick got me motivated again after a long period of not being very productive. So again big Thanks to Ben & Rick for their amazing courses.

The game itself is a block breaker game themed around turtles with a few atypical elements for a block breaker game such as a storyline and end bosses.
For anyone who wants to check it out here is the Playstore link:

I hope you enjoy the game! Any feedback is highly appreciated!
Please note that the game contains ads at the moment. Anyone that wants an ad free apk, feel free to PM me :slight_smile:



wicked! well done you xxx jess