Sharing Text Game--Different towards the end!

The opening is similar to the tutorial, but once you enter the corridor, things change.
I’m a total beginner so I appreciate any kind of feedback!

Hello :slight_smile: I had a play through of your game, some interesting changes. I played using Firefox and on the first screen not all of the text fits on the page. I’m sure changing the font will fix this. I didn’t find any bugs. Job well done I think!


I am having this “bug” too. :grin:

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I’m not able to play games that use the Unity web player. Firefox doesn’t seem to support neither does chrome, and there is something wrong with my IE browser, says it can’t connect securely to the webpage.

Oh my browser got fixed somehow, Also other people were right, the text is cut off I’m not sure if I see all the options

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Thank you for the feedback!

It looks like I should’ve tested on different browsers and screens first.

You’re welcome, I could only get my game to play in Internet Explorer so I’m not sure if I’m also having this issue :confused:

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