Sharing some of my Completed Unity Game Projects + Source

Thought I would share a few old Unity game projects that ive used as learning platforms…

Ill pop up the source for a few others ive done more recently for 1gameAMonth etc for folk to pick apart.

Manic Miner Clone (for educational purposes)
now since I was learning and i just redrew al the assets they look exactly like the original, so cant be used for anything but learning from. it was my first real attempt at figuring out how a game of a reasonable size that I grew up with works and how I would go about making it in Unity, from scratch, a few years ago. overall time taken : 50+ hrs

My learning goals for project : Actually complete something, Sprite animation, raycasting.

Source Project :
Web Build (old unity web player, works in IE) :


Procedurally Generated Simple Maze and Ball puzzle

Just to try and get a handle on using recursion and depth first search algorithm, to try and get some procedurally generated paths.

Learning Goals : Simple procedural generation, recursion and depth first search application

Unity Source Project :
Web Build to play :

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