Share your first git branch screenshot

I’d love to see your history, here’s mine


was going to do something more comical but i happened to have Ricks block breaker lesson open so went with a simple test.

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have to say, its making a heck of alot more sense now, good to get some direction and instruction well needed.
fantastic stuff :slight_smile:

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True. I didn’t know about stash. That could of been very handy in the past.

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Here’s my screenshot. Nothing fancy or original.

While I’ve known about git, github, and version control for a while, I really wish I knew about stashing and how easy a program like Sourcetree can make everything.

Anyone else get uncommitted changes when switching between branches?

I’m combining this lesson with the Unity Physics lesson and trying out a few fun things in the scenes like adding a RigidBody to the ball (I’m still early on in that lesson so if it happens later, I haven’t reached it yet) as well as adding a floor with a checkered material to gauge distance of the ball as it’s flying through “space”.

This is what my repo looks like.


Also as you can see by my 3rd commit, I was little bit taken by the fact that I couldn’t just ignore .meta files, which I then had to undo. :upside_down_face: