ShaftJumper - Here's a look into my 2D project

Hi everyone!

I wanted to show you the project I am working on, it’s a 2D game about an unfortunate guy having a really bad day, and ending up falling into an elevator shaft. When everything seems lost, something unexpected happens and our hero gets plummeted into a world of international freefall tournament.


Peeking into the shaft:


After the this first into-level, after learning how this game works, our hero goes into a world tour, and the player can choose the next destination from world map:

Basic idea of the game is fairly simple, you are on a freefall, and your task is to avoid obstacles and collect different collectables along the way. Hitting obstacles deducts your score, and collectables of course increase your score.

I have drawn everything myself, it’s very simple graphics but I’m still proud of it, it has took so long to do these but I’ve loved every second of creation process. I try to create varied locations for the world map, next place I’m working on is the Vesuvius in Italy :slight_smile:

I’m a full time student, i study computer science (bachelor degree) and my aim is to specialize in game developement. And while I’ve been doing this project, It’s become clear that this is the right choice of career for me, I’m having so much fun doing this :slight_smile:

Next in line is animating that character, and finishing the dialogue system. After that I will create the collectables and make the first level playable and fine tune the mechanics. Of course you can’t see it from screenshots, but I also added a nice parallaxing on the brickwalls on both sides, so that those walls on the foreground move at slightly different rate. Also those obstacles (the coffin on the screen is one of them) come from array at random, and gets instantiated on random so that adds bit more unpredictability in to the game, I will do the same on the collectables and then add some fixed ones aswell.

Level itself is created by looping few background images, I figured it’s more efficient way of creating a level, rather than placing everything by hand. Of course that makes level feel bit loopy, but I’ve made several background images to reduce that, and to add those random obstacles on top of that that effect is rather good.

Well, this is what I’ve been up to, I try to work on this everyday and maybe someday I can release this :slight_smile:


looks good to me so far. let us know when you have a small demo out. I would like to try it


Sure thing! :slight_smile:

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