Shadow Warrior GDD!

Shadow Warrior GDD

Genre: RPG, 3rd person fixed camera RPG.
Target Audience: T for Teen.
Controls: Mouse & keyboard and controller
Thematic Setting: Medieval/ Sci-fi fantasy – Swords, Warriors, Dragons, Good vs. Evil
Tech Stack: Unity 5+, Blender, Gimp / Photoshop, Audacity
Platform(s): Steam / IOS / PS4

Game Summary:
A young boy is left alone and taken to the great city of the sand. Inside the city the boy is an outcast. Shy but strong willed the kid always pretended to fight and be a hero in his secret cave. One day the young princess saw the kid get bullied and knocked down. She saw him run away and she chased him. She followed him to his cave. The boy smashed rock everywhere and yelled. She gasped and he turned. He had a black eye and was bleeding. He looks at her with mixed feelings. She ran up to him and hugged him. He started crying.
5 years later he decides that he can’t stay.
I have to go and find myself. I can’t do that here. There is nothing for me here. That random attack was by the same people who killed my mom in the village that night. I have to find answers. I will not let those people take anyone else I love. He kisses her. I love you but we must go our own ways. I don’t know when I’ll be back but I will return.

He sets off on a Journey not knowing he had evil inside of him. But the good inside of him is stronger. HE will use his power to set things right and save the world. He is the Shadow Warrior.

Core Player Experience: To kill monsters, explore the world, discover yourself, and save the day.

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