Shade issue when making the windows after knife project

I have a shade issue when making the windows of a private jet after used knife project. I used data transfer, weightend normal but it didn’t work. Help me pls.


Keep in mind that the basics of a 3D model build is to have faces of 3 or four vertices (tris).
3 vertices because it’s the minimum for a single face.
And four vertices (quads) in a face because it allows you to easily subdivide a face for more details.

If you don’t grasp their basics is hard to model an organic (a lot of curves) model, like an airplane. Even more difficult if you are applying the smooth surface option. Because Blender will automatically use internally a subdivision of tri’s and quads. Which you don’t have are therefore having shading options.

If you are at the beginning of a course, it’s better to follow the course or courses. To have more in-depth knowledge. Because this type of ‘Hardsurface’ of modeling is difficult.


I understand. First of all, you are so right. As a graphic designer, I started to develop myself in the 3d field. I think I’ve modeled a good private jet so I don’t want to give up because it’s hard. In all the youtube videos I’ve watched, people don’t have this problem when they modelling plane. I researched a lot and decided to ask in this site as a last resort. If you have any information, can you give me an advice? can i do windows with another method?
I’m so sorry for disturbing you. Also, thank you very much for your reply.


First, what is the idea behind the window models?

  • Just to have a different material? - Drop the mesh of the windows and just use bitmaps to adjust all kinds of texture properties. Draw the windows on the mesh object. Unwrap the model, and paint the windows in GIMP, etc.
  • If you want to extrude the windows (an inset) - then you need to make N-gon faces (faces with more than 4 vertices) into triangles.

See Bevel Extrusion Help


Thank you very much. I’m grateful to you :bouquet:


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