Setting for a meal

I wanted to go simpler than for Section 1. I just went for a nice table setting for a meal.

( Food’s still on the stove, sorry. )


your looks great :slight_smile: you went all out.

Thank you, I really appreciate that :smiley:

Wow cool

Looks nice. Have you tried rendering it with object shading set to smooth? Curious to see what that would look like.

How do you make a fork? I tried to make a spoon but it doesn’t look good.

Hello Hushfield.

Here it is with smooth shading:

Also, after advancing through the course for a few more days, I decided to revisit this model and add some color and tweak a little details. Here is the revised scene, during Section 3:

Hey Elvacil!

For the fork, these are the steps I followed. Not necessarily the best way to got, but it worked for me:

  • I started with a cube.
  • In top ortho projection I extruded the parts that I needed up to the part where the tines start.
  • Scaled each vertex group for the size I wanted. (By vertex group I mean the vertices that would be close together aligned to make a step in the geometry. I don’t know if these have an actual name.)
  • Subdivided the front face and extruded for the tines
  • Went to side ortho view and raised the vertex groups that I needed to give it a certain curvature.
  • For the tines, I rotated the section and using the Active Element pivot, to give the curvature to that area.

I would expect the spoon to be more challenging, specially because of the shape of the bowl . How did you approach that part?

Looking good :slight_smile:

Looks great
Great job man

Thank you, I’m glad you like it ^^

Hi @Huskyto ,

I tried to make simple fork but not as smooth as yours.
I started with cube and subdivide it to small squares for the fork tines and the delete other squares.
The rest just extruded and scale.

For the spoon I started with cylinder and extruded it. Then I scaled it and moved the vertices until it makes a concave surfaces. But it still does not look like a perfect spoon.

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