SetSpeed not happening on Game Tab

I have two SetSpeed events during the Fox jumping animation. The first event sets the speed to 3 when the jump starts, and the second sets it to 0 when the Fox lands. When I click play in Unity the SetSpeed for 3 does not appear to happen when I’m looking at the Game Tab. However, if I watch the animation trigger on the Scene tab, the SetSpeed happens, and it looks great. I have no idea why the result is different based on if I’m on the Game Tab or Scene Tab.

Unity 5.6.1

Debug steps:
-I’ve tried changing the speed to 50, and I get the same result
-I’ve restarted Unity and my laptop
-I added a Debug.Log whenever SetSpeed is run. Even when looking at the Game Tab it prints the speed is 3, but the speed doesn’t appear to change when the Fox Jumps.
-I deleted and recreated the Animation Event that sets the speed to 3.

Any ideas why an animation would behave differently when looking at the Scene Tab vs the Game Tab?

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