Selecting the head piece

Hi everyone, I’ve got a question about this lesson, I made another topic about this sometime ago but I couldnt get a definitive answer.

After you join two different geometries, like on this lesson, is there a easy way to individually select them? On this lesson, after realizing the sphere is too big, the instructor simply Ctrl + Z all way back before joining the sphere with the body, so he can resize it…

But what if you did a ton of things before you realize that mistake? Ctrl + Z wont be a choice, so my question is: Is there a way to select the entire sphere after it was joined? Im asking this because thats something 3DS Max offers, you can select entire objects with a single click, even after you merge it with another mesh, the software can remember what shapes the meshes used to have before you join them together, Blender can do such thing?


This would be vertex groups. You’ll learn about them in section 5.

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You could select a vert, line, or face on the object you wish to select then hit the letter L it should select that particular object in it’s entirety after it has been joined.

Something else to consider is saving your files in a series before, and possibly shortly after, you make changes. Name your file, such as, Head piece 001 and do a save as. I then go in and do a save as again, hit the + sign the save area, then Blender should change the file name to Head Piece 002. Continue working, next time do a save as…hit the + sign…etc.

This should allow up to 999 different Blend files without you ever having to change the name. Plus, if you run into issues, you can go back to any of the prior files, open them and start from whatever point you need to. This method has SAVED ME many headaches! Takes a bit of getting use to but is well worth it for the way I work. You can always delete old files later on.

Also, in a later lesson, Michael discusses ways to organize your work as well.

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