Section 8 concluded

In this section the major challenge was working with nodes and texturing and how these interact with light… I believe this constitutes a world in itself. So much to explore and so little time…

As for the human head, the information will be useful for my next step which will be rigging and animation, not only of the head but attached to an entire body.

Still a long way to go, but I’m really determined t get there.

One thing I still have to work out is (are) the little white spots/dots that my renderings come up with… any tip will be greatly appreciated.

Anyway… next stop, destruction… it should be loads of fun.

Cheers and happy days.


Really awesome stuff! Amazing work! As for the spots, what are your render settings? Specifically how many samples are you rendering at and what’s your resolution?

Hi Zii, thanks so much for the feedback… I still have a lot to learn and there are still some issues I need to sort out but in general I can say it’s coming up pretty well, and your comments are really motivating.

These were the settings I used:

It’s rendering on CPU, full HD (1920x1080 - 100%) resolution, color depth 8 - 15% compression,
Samples - I rendered 160 at sampling presets but I did not specified “Final” and if I had chosen it, I’d have seen that the render goes down to 24… I’was just doing that rendering at 64 now with a color depth value of 16 and it was taking ages…
At 32 samples with 16 color depth I still can notice some withe spots.

And then you tip reminded me of something: because I use a very reflective surface (the ocean is animated but that is not noticeable here) the Light Paths can make a whole lot of difference, the first rendering settings were:
Max and Min-8, a tick on Shadows, Reflective Caustics and Refractive, filter glossy - 0; Bounces Max-12, Min-3; Diffuse and Glossy-4; Transmission-12 and volume-0;

Here is the result with 48 samples, 16 color depth AND Limited Global Illumination:
Max and Min-8, a tick on Shadows and Refractive Caustics (not on Reflective, filter glossy - 0.6; Bounces Max-8, Min-3; Diffuse-1, Glossy-4; Transmission-8 and volume-2;

Came out just fine. A much bigger file size but better quality and rendering time quite acceptable.

Thanks for the clue, Zii.



I noticed you lowered a lot of the reflective settings :open_mouth: have you tried keeping it what it was and just raising the amount of samples you’re rendering at? It seems like a very large piece, I was going to say the “dots” where noise from there not being enough samples to render all the reflections properly, I would of tried something high-def like 500-1000 samples :smirk: though there’s always more then one way to get a solution :smiley:. If those setting reduced your noise, then a solution is a solution and it still looks great! Nice work!

Thanks again, Zii… I will certainly give it a go… looking back something(s) got lost along the way; one of the greatest problems of this stuff is fine tuning a bunch of details, taking a lot of time, patience and effort.


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