Section 7 WIP

Decided to go with The Temple of Dosh Khaleen from Game Of Thrones for the section 7 interior we are doing…i thought this building would be easy given its just a circle really…but it has turned out to be very vey hard…i have had to use every single thing we have learned so far just to get to this stage…tons of detail work left to do…going ahead slow but steady!


This looks amazing, i can not wait to see how it looks when it is complete.

nice one, very smart, hope you shared the pic over on Udemy too , sure Mikey would be interested to see what you’ve done :slight_smile: @Michael_Bridges

Here is the best place for sharing we are trying to keep the Q&As to actual questions since Udemy changed the setup :slight_smile:

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That Looks Epic Nice work! :smiley:

Thanks everyone…uv mapped everything tonight and thatch textured the roof…got a lot of the interior done as well with carved totem like poles etc…spent the entire day on it…will post some progress shots tomorrow after some renders…trying to use volumetric lighting…have it stream into the building through all the stick windows…not great at it …so wish me luck lol

Ah, oops… Ive been away at work for 3 weeks, and had internet silence, guess a bit has changed, sorry.

lost count at 50 uv maps and i haven’t even started on the interior details…just layout…the rock building base is terrible…the actual temple has a orange…kind of pinkish look…so have to redo that…do you guys think i added too much bump to the thatch roofs? the wicker texture on the wall panels also has some weird artefacts…its amazing how much work getting this whole thing mapped and textured is! i will probably still be at this temple a month from now haha any advice suggestions as i post the progress shots would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:



Yeah looks great. Well done.

From my standpoint all your hard work is paying off!

Looking stunning, and going through the course gives me a better appreciation and awareness for all the work you are putting in…

Keep the great work up!

Finally have done a bit more work on the inside of the temple…lots of work yet to do like the big main poles… added a bump, reflection and displacement maps to the wood pieces on the stage khalessi ate the horse heart on…this model is slowly but surely moving forwards…i have to redo the main poles entirely they look like **** and have way too many tris to unwrap…so will scrap and rebuild them…


Awwsome, just awesome Mustafaneguib.

Looks immensely great so far, you’ve really done well : o I hope to be as good as this one day XD Keep up the good work~

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