Section 6 Lecture 62 Turning a Tilemap into an Autotile Godot 3.1 changes

I would mostly prefer an official solution from @Yann_Burrett to be added to the course structure, even if it ends up being a stop gap or existing video edit so this can be addressed for me and many others experiencing problems without having to wait for full 3.1 support, but I appreciate there will be a desire to bring all of the 3.1 content together, and time may be better spent working towards that.

However, I consider myself to be fairly competent when it comes to finding my way around software. Despite that, I seem to be absolutely failing at navigating my way through the changes Godot introduced in 3.1 when it comes to creating the tile map.

I’m not the first who has got stuck here, and won’t be the last. Others have found solutions and posted them in the Q&A but they do not seem to correlate totally to what I’m seeing, as if some steps are missing.

Has anyone experienced this lecture with Godot 3.1 and would they care to share their solution here, in more detail?

Many thanks,


I realize this post is old and we are trying to get godot successfully updated to 3.1 and heist meisters as you have discovered is a bit problematic.
There a few you tube tutorials on the 3.1 tilemap changes that i used to muddle though to get this one done so i would start there if anyone else is stuck at this point until we can get this updated.
Hope this helps

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