Section 5 Lecture 103 - Lamp and Big lamp

simple fast and nice render
more complex models = more problems, sometimes


Surely, but how to animate this one ?
I love to see it finished (without animation).

@FedPete You never know what you can do till you try.

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Looking good, it will be interesting to see that when it’s finished.

its funny hide several faces on blob surface - for modelling inside, but its uncomfortable with complex model, sepatatre selection my choise)


and 1920x1080 r200


Don’t forget to add a subdivision modifier. It will smooth your lamp object.
And for the glass part, you can use solidify modifier, which creates a glass wall thickness.
Well done, I like the subject to study and work on.

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Use can use layers for this kind of problem.

Well, subdiviosion and solidify mods applied, still seems little blocky like current render, i think it happens because not enougth curve details left or not enougth skills yet :confused:

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