Section 5 Lecture 103 Bizarre Beizier Problems Opening Saved File

I was working in Section 5 lecture 103 and I was saving my work as I go along. I tried to open a recent file wherein I used the Bezier curve and the Bezier circle to make geometry. I thought that I got this right but when I reopen a saved file, the geometry that I had produced and saved [in this case it was a very simple shape} turns into a thing that is all convoluted and nothing like my original project. Can somebody tell me what I am doing wrong? One of the accompanying pictures is of my project. The one that says “(1) OUTLINE” next the little xyz axis in the lower left hand corner is my project. This is the one I saved. The photograph that says “(1) BASE” next the little xyz axis in the lower left hand corner is what I get when I reopen the project. Help?

I don’t know if there is anything in particular that you can do to prevent that from happening again, but it looks like your “Bevel Object” got switched from being on the “BASE” to being on the “OUTLINE” – you can see the selections part of the way down the properties editor in your screenshots.

Essentially, in your first screenshot your bezier curve is being used to draw around the bezier circle as it should be, but in the second it is drawing the bezier circle around your bezier curve (which is why it looks like a folded up tube).

If you select your “BASE” and apply the correct bevel object as it’s shown in your first screen I would think it would return to normal, then you can try re-saving the file to see if the problem persists.

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