Section 4: Lecture 51(Importing Pervious Number Wizard script)

An error about the script “LoadLevel” . I can’t able to create a new script in my project. Help Please.

This is happening because you are using an updated version of Unity (5.5) they did some changes in the way you manage scenes.

please past your loadlevel code so we can help you.

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using UnityEngine ;
using System.Collections;

public class LevelManager : MonoBehaviour {

public void LoadLevel(string name ){
	Debug.Log("level load requested for"+name); 

public void QuitRequest(){
	Debug.Log("I want to quit!"); 


Here is the Code/script of LoadLevel





Let me know if works.

When i replaced the code; it start giving an error complier.

i fixed this script error by changing Public class and Public void. but unity editor still giving an error complier on 8th and 16th. and there is no 16th line in the script.

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