Section 3 Lecture 43

Good day,

Not really a question, but I was pretty disappointed that I couldn’t use the rocket model I made in Blender for this part of the course. I was able to import it well, it looks fine on screen, and by adding Rigidbody and a Box Collider to it I was able to get it to interact with the Launch Pad, but when I press (Space) to thrust, the whole thing it just tips over because my Rocket model mesh isn’t perfectly-distributed… it’s off-center somehow.

I tried restricting the rotation of a couple of axes in Rocket.cs, then the position, but that just created more problems and I have a feeling that I’ll run into issues down the line.

Finally accepted the hard truth that I know very little about what I’m doing. I replaced my rocket model with a simple scaled cube modeled in Unity, and the thrust works fine now.

Ah well. :slight_smile:

Good morning Markholley

One thing you need to keep in mind when importing models from Blender into Unity is that the programs use different coordinate systems. In addition, they use a different axis to represent forward (Blender uses the Y-axis while Unity uses the Z-axis). You need to take this into consideration when importing your models and scripting for them. At this point in the course, I recommend rotating your model to the correct direction and then dropping it under an empty game object. Having done so you will be able to manipulate it in the same manner as you would the placeholder created in unity.

Your other option is to research Rigidbody in the scripting manual and adapt the code to fit your model’s axes. This is the route I chose and it presented a few challenges.

Thank you Capricas - I appreciate your reply. I see that “handedness” and the coordinate systems is another lecture or two away, so I’ll hang in there until then and then maybe I’ll have a better idea of where you’re coming from. It makes sense though - I think that even among different 3D software the axis-systems can be different.