Section 2 Progress

Just wanted to share a few things I did so far following Section 2.

Extruding in Blender + Multiple Materials(cycle renders):

Cardboard plane


Disco Ball

Couldn’t find how to do proper reflective material, which would’ve made Disco Ball a bit better :sweat_smile:

And a Pivot Point exercise:


Good simple items.

The material node ‘roughness’ slider needs to be turned right down so surfaces are less rough and more reflective. You may not have been introduced to materials and nodes yet?


I haven’t reached the nodes part yet. I saw some youtube tutorial on how to do reflective surfaces, but since they were using nodes, I didn’t dare to get myself into something I didn’t understand yet, so I did try to play with roughness a bit, but while Material mode looked awesome like this (even though in this picture it’s a bit too rough):

Rendered mode looked like this…

Both on Roughness 0.0. I tried playing a bit between 0.0 and 0.5 and with lights, but nothing came out quite like I wanted, so for now I left it on 0.5, which looked closest what I was going for, and I will probably come back to it after I understand the nodes.