Section 2: Midsection Challenge. Lighthouse

'Tis done! After 8h (2/3rd of them googling how to do things, trying those things, getting too confused(wave modifier and nodes) and reverting back to simple design using only things that I’ve learned so far) the Edit Mode Challenge is complete!

Cycles Dusk:

Eevee Dawn:

The last 30mins trying to put lights were weird, because Blender kept closing when I tried to enter Rendered Mode. Not sure why, because rendering was working fine… It went back to normal when I did the first render, though… Weird…


A very good scene in the end.

Nice sunrise effect.

Sounds about normal, time spent chasing how to do something. :rofl:

It gets better as you learn more and keep using daily the things you learnt.

My guess would be the live viewport render stresses your machine. The tiled proper rendering is coping presumably as it is working with small tiles not the whole scene at once.


Thank You! Yeah, after this challenge I decided to just calm down and learn as I go with the course, instead of looking for tutorials and confusing myself with more advanced stuff :joy:

For Sunrise I just played around with Eevee’s settings, mostly shadows. Loved the abstract beams the sun was casting on surfaces :blush:

As for render, I can’t really say. I’m not really knowledgeable about computers. All I know is that Im using highier end gaming laptop with 8GB of RAM :rofl::sweat_smile: my boyfriend keeps telling me I need 8 more :joy:


Great scenes. You are really trying to do high-end stuff. No problem, but then you are on your own.
It is no problem of following online tutorials, but most of then are lacking the context of the situation.
Basically, you see what you want but not why it is working that way. Be patient, you will learn.

About Blender problems, in my experience, while working with Blender and experimenting.
Is that as a beginner to new functions you can choose strange options and configurations. In some of these unlogical combinations Blender, get confused and react strangely.

  • Save regularly under a new version

Have fun.

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