Section 2 - Mid Section Challenge - Moonlight Farm and Waterfall Scene

For this challenge I decided to first create the farm scene without watching how the instructor did it… Wow, did my version take a lot longer :smile:

I then picked a scene that I thought was completely outside of my ability range, then try and make it work however possible… I came up with this waterfall scene.

I used extrusion for the cliff, and a grid mesh for the water, lots of practice with vertex and edge snapping to get this right.
Definitely room for improvement and could still be better. Grid on the right hand side water was too big (so not as nice colour palette as the left side) and wasn’t 100% happy with the camera shot, but didn’t want to spend much more time making the scene bigger to get the shot I wanted.


Nice projects. If you know some things about Blender you can build incredible things.
But Blender has such a wide range of tools, to make things easier. Follow this course and it will be easier to realize your creative ideas.

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