Section 2 - Lecture 38 extra challenge

This are the first two. Camera and Printer if you can tell :slight_smile:

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Looking forward to adding textures, color, and lighting. This was a fun project


Only cylinders, one sphere for the writing ball, subdivision on the cap and extruded faces to form the clip

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I actually found the hardest thing to do was simply coming up with what to model. But here they are!

A classic toony/fantasy-isch chest:

I then made my Alienware laptop:

Aaaand then a sword!


Hello :slight_smile: for the extra challenge I made:

A Quena (Musical Wind Instrument)

Some Cupcakes

Some bottles that save Olive Oil :sweat_smile: they come with their respective Plugs :slight_smile:

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Your cupcakes looks great!

Thank you :grin:

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