Section 2 Lecture 17-19 Challenges complete

Finished this challenge. Also made one side of the wedge longer than the other. Since the challenges were basically just building on each other, I am just showing the last picture because it shows that the other one was completed anyway.

Here’s my end result of lecture 19. X scale is 1.518, but is half of what it was, since I was in object mode when scaling the wedge to be longer. Nice and easy learning curve so far. Looking forward to learn more. :slight_smile:

I did well overall, but I made an error on the scaling data. I just halved the number that was in the box already. I must have scaled my object a bit to make it not represent 1.00 because I ended up with 0.366. Good practice though. I see how to be more accurate and efficient in this process now.

I made the wedge. So far, this course is very helpful! I really enjoy building 3D models!

Hello - I noticed i had to use -90Degree to get pointed end upwards. is this just because of the direction I originally built my wedge in? Thanks!

All hail the holy and all powerful wedge!!

I did it!

I had this problem - I does appear to be what direction you made the wedge in, I remade mine as was done in the video and then it would flip point end up with just 90 not -90

I thought I should make it half the size by manualy entering the numbers that are half of the dimensions, but scaling it to 0,5 makes more sense.

Now I understand the difference between scale and dimension values. Scale is relative to the original size of the wedge (e.g. 2 means double length, 0.5 stands for half length), dimensions are absolute blender units.

Another wedge for the pile.

hordor going up

one upside down wedge coming up!

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