Section 2 Challenge - Mayan Pyramid

After almost finishing the section a few month ago and taking a small break, I am back and wrapped up my Mayan Pyramid. I opted for doubling the size earlier on to hopefully get a more interesting result and possibly introducing more challenges for myself to solve. At the top I added some torches and used an emitter material to give off a small lighting effect. It came out pretty well and I used Cycles for rendering. I tweaked the render proces by enabling denoising and lowering the render samples to 64, which almost halves the render time. The denoising gives a cleaner result than increasing the samples, which gives you more time to experiment with your model!

Without further ado, the pyramid:


Looks Good

For some projects, it is not sufficient to set Cycles samples to 128, 256 or 999.
It’s more in the range of 2000 and higher. Although the denoiser is remarkable good.
Lots of really smart things (AI) are happening on that front.

For larger projects I can imageine that is true, but for these small samples or when posting an image time is of the essence.


Welcome to this site with your grand Pyramid.

Lots of the render stuff may be covered later but you seem to have the principle sorted re samples and denoising. Denoising can soften the image a fraction so a balance can be needed depending on the project and image purpose. So far things in the course are not complex scenes.

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