Section 1 Lecture 11 - End Of Section Challange

I made a thing.

It’s a flat, cube-ish thing with a cylinder on top, with a cone balanced precariously on its tip standing at the top. I’m not certain what it is, other than a cube-cylinder-cone thing, but I made it. I’m quite proud of my accomplishment.

I got to thinking shortly after creating it that, maybe, other people may grow jealous of my c-c-c thing, so I decided I’d better build some form of fortification to protect it.

So, I made a somewhat uneven looking gate thing to keep it safe.
It’s mostly just cubes, and some of the cubes have decorative cones on top. The gate part itself, though, has little tiny cylinder things which I use as a close approximation to the little bars on the bottom of a raised gate. On the bottom of these little cylinders are little upside down cone things, representing the ground spikes in the gate. It’s difficult to see in the picture, but that is the part I am especially proud of.

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