Section 1. Getting going final challenge. A cozy winery

Hello all,
For the first model of the final challenge, I decided to try an interior. I went for a cozy wine cellar.
I have followed a couple of blender tutorials before, so I cheated a little :slight_smile:
The rounded rack at the center has a couple of pieces that are not primitives. The rest is made of cubes, planes, cylinders and spheres


Awesome brickwork, great attention to detail making them different shades of red.

Makes me want to go and make a wineglass!

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Looks awesome!

Welcome to the community!

Welcome, no problem with cheating.
But it is nice to hear if someone has some experience.
Because viewers may be thinking, how did he do that after the first lessons?

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Nice scene.
Welcome to this site.

Thank you all for the warm welcome!

Good work.