Section 1 Final Challenge - Wooden Mannequin going downstairs

I saw the designs of the rest and they are awesome, mine is not very detail like the ones I saw on the forum and maybe looks a little bit boring but it took a lot of time to make the stick man, parent the joints (the circles) and “pseudo rig” the stickman to the rest of the body. I’m proud of the results.


Welcome to this site.

It is a good figure that has a feel of really coming down the stairs.
Remember lots using this site have done courses before, in older versions of Blender. Or come from experience of other software. Never be put off by what others show, we all know what it is like to be starting out. See it as inspiration and what you could be doing soon!


Great scene, it has some motion in it.
May he’s walking to an object in the l;eft side of the view …?
Who knows :wink: