Section 1 Final Challenge: We Get it, You Vape!

Decided to grab something off my desk and make a model.


Welcome, but what is it?

The title says, suggests. One of those vaping things, surrogate cigarette.
No I have never seen one either lol.

Welcome to this site.
Good first basic model. Keep it up.

Ahhh… I don’t smoke.

Now they do not ‘smoke’ they ‘steam’. :rofl:
Never smoked either, never been in my family as a habit fortunately so never took it up.

Sorry, I didn’t recognized it.
You see, how important it is to give some visual references to the subject.
And yes I don’t read titles … :flushed:

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No worries! :slight_smile: Yeah I am still learning how folks do things around here. Thank you very much for the feedback, looking forward to the next lesson!

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I’ve seen one. It looks like that :laughing: :+1:

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