Section 1 Final Challenge - StarBug

Hi alls ,
Last night I reached the final challenge of the 3D Modelling course.
After much deliberation I decided to try for a basic rendition of Red Dwarfs StarBug.

Had some issues with the camera , had to set it so far back just to get the model into the viewing area and then parts of the model just kept disappearing. Fiddled with some of the camera setting to finally get a reasonable image.
Also lighting , using 6 or 7 point lights all set to between 20,000 and 30,000 W just to get the model lit.
Should I be using a different light source ?

Looking forward to learning how to properly ‘decorate’ the model , and how to add non-primal shapes for things like the cockpit screen.


Point lights are a bit limited, more useful for controlled limited areas, change one or two into sun lamps. Then you will probably have to turn those suns down from their default setting power. It is just probable you have not yet got to a bit of the course that covers lighting more. It will do when needed.

Your result looks good anyway, solving your lighting quite well.


Reading your story I conclude that your model in metrics (meters) is huge!

  • Camera clicking (not showing part), starts between 1km and 1cm.
  • Lamp wats 20.000 means distance between object and lamp is also huge.

The initial blender grid shows you the main grid of 1 meter. The default cube is 2x2x2meters dimension.

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Not sure if it would be classed as Huge , maybe just very big lol
Size is 42m x 32m
Found a blueprint and 1/4 the dimensions, maybe I should of gone for 1/10th lol


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