Section 1 Final Challenge, playing around with some lights

So here’s a small desktop setup scene with some lights playing around.
Any opinions?



I suggest a slightly brighter lighting, or possibly a different color for the background, as I’m finding it hard to see the dark/black monitor case, and for a few moments, couldn’t figure out what those small speakers on either side of the monitor were. At first glance they looked like upside down bowling pins, because all I could see were the white spots on the front. :grinning:


It’s a fine entry to start with.
I see the same as @Miss_B, dark on dark.
Love the monitor glow … really good.

quick question: If the scene were dark on dark would you replicate the scene as is, or would you “fix” the lighting to brighten the scene? thanks for replies in advance

Welcome back.

Good office scene if you have no legs to go under the table while sitting on the chair! :grin:

Lighting, simple way, for now, might be an area light above the scene, out of sight. Made about the size of the floor and kept low in power.

How bout these changes?


Much better!
At the beginning of the course, people like to start with a dark environment. Playing with lights.
But good lighting is hard to do. And with low light conditions, Cycles will need more samples to render.

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Much more comfortable! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: