Section 1 Final Challenge: Monkey chess

I will replace the monkey by an actual horse once I learn how to sculpt a horse head lol.
I played a while with light positioning. I didn’t like the scene when there was too much light.
Eager to keep learning :slight_smile:


Job well done!

Section 1 final work? That’s basically a whole section 3 you did in one challenge :sweat_smile:

The knight / horse head is difficult. For me it was the most difficult part in section 3. Section 3 use standard modeling techniques for it, but nowadays I would rather sculpt it as well.

Welcome back!


Welcome back from a long break.

The point of the knight is to learn to model a non easy primitive based shape. Sculpting is different and not always the first resort.


Yes, you are 100% right. I’ll remember this lesson for a long time :sweat_smile:

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Thanks for the welcome. I’ll try not to disappear again :sweat_smile:

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