Section 1.15 Final challenge - Rocket

After spending too much time pondering what to make, I decided to go for a rocket. the source of inspiration is obviously a Saturn V, although it rather looks like a shorter and chubbier version of said rocket. Any kind of feedback is more than welcome.



I really like your composition, the lighting of the moon works very well.
Because it’s such a nice model, you could start smoothing out some objects.
In object mode, right click an object and select “smooth” option.

Technically there is nothing wrong with you project. In space shadows are sharp.
But landing on a planet, using a pre-build platform is a designers choice.
Then you could add more space buildings and machinery.

Very good project !

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Thanks a lot for your kind words and thanks also for the tip on how to smooth the objects! When rendering the image I thought that it must be a way to get rid of the sharp edges but I just couldn’t find it. I’ll try it right away.

[EDIT] Actually I originally planned to make this a launch pad for the rocket but finding that the complete structure didn’t look very good in that light setting, I removed it. Also, building a launch pad on another planet isn’t really something that can be currently achieved so no matter how we twist and turn this image, it remains science fiction. :slight_smile: The image is cropped in order not to look too empty but there’s definitely room for more buildings and machinery so I think I’ll just keep on working on this one.

No problems finding the smoothing tool now when I knew where to look and it made quite a difference to the picture!


I still like the ‘block’ rock-texture of the planet surface.

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