[Second Iteration:Prototype] Shoot N Run

hey everyone,

the game is now in the second iteration V0.002 you can get all iterations from this same exact link

so, i have made a game prototype(with following the RPG course, and various other sources), and some feedback is heavily needed so feel free to tell me what you think, and whether you see it might be worth continuing into an actual project or not.

Game Goal : the goal is to escape the room, and reach your freedom.
Controls are simple, you just click and move, click and shoot.
Press 1/2 and right click to interchange between different abilities and weapons.


I like it, I think you should finish it. :slight_smile:

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Looking really nice. Keep it up!

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i am really glad, it was seen in a positive light,
i have most definitely decided to keep working on it, and hopefully, reach steam one day with it.
the second iteration of the prototype is close to be finished, i hope to get more feedback on that one. :slight_smile:

hey everyone

the second prototype iteration,of this game is out

after hearing the feedback of everyone on the previous iteration
after having nearly Rage Quit, i finally managed to pull through with this second iteration, even with a pc break down, and university exams it managed to survive thankfully, and i managed to hang on and complete it.

there are little visual changes, but a lot of code/gameplay changes, which should be easy to spot if you read the biggest changes in this iteration

you can get it at the same exact link, it is the second downloadable file, please give it a try, and i am looking forward for feedback.

Biggest Changes From Previous Iteration
*Movement with WASD
*Massive Controls Changes a lot more simple to use.
*2 abilities and one special attack have been added
*Massive improvements with the AI having 3 new personalities, and a rework of the old one.
*Levels have been redesigned to feel more open
*Big difficulty increase
*Behavior feedback on each enemy (different states, show different colors on enemies)
*Energy system is now easier to spot, and work with.

looking forward for feedback. all feedback is more than welcome.

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