Sculpted Rabbit


That looks amazing! Can’t wait to see the final render.

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Thanks! I’m really pleased with how it is turning out.

I am sooooo not grasping these sculpting tools… My !@#@!@#! Rabbit looks like **** after MANY hours of doing and undoing and redoing. My tools just don’t seem to be as precise as in the lectures. UGH! Oh and my symmetry thingy is off - as in not symmetrical… doesn’t help.

So be proud! Yours looks great!!! I’ll keep hacking away at mine.

I had a huge problem with symmetry too. I made the mistake of creating an asymmetrical body out of metaballs, so by the time I got to sculpting there was no perfect line of symmetry on the rabbit’s head. I ended up looking at the model from the top to figure out roughly where the eyes should go so that they were in line with each other, and then split my 3D view into two working spaces so I could do both eyes side by side until they were roughly symmetrical.

I have a two monitor setup for my computer, and kept one monitor locked onto pictures of rabbits while I did all my work on the other monitor. Speaking of which, one of the pictures I used to model my rabbits tail and rear legs was one of the pictures you took; thank you for that! I know that you are working on a MacBook, so that might be harder for you to set up.

I also used a Wacom pad to do my sculpting. I’m left handed, so I sat with my Wacom stylus in my left hand and my mouse in my right hand so that I could sculpt and zoom and rotate the model all at the same time, which made it feel almost like working with a ball of clay. I’m not sure if that really helps, though.

Dude… I have no idea how you’re getting your level of clean lines. My sculpting tools are anything but predictable. JESUS!!! Look at the detail and perfection on those eyes!!! Then look at MINE!!! My rabbit looks like Mr Potato Head with a bad case of acne.

Meanwhile… I had to take a little break from sculpting my #@!%$#@! rabbit to have some fun… Tomorrow I’ll try to do the rabbit from scratch after watching some more sculpting videos. UGH!!!

Thanks again for the feedback, I’m really pleased with how it is turning out.

I haven’t been doing this long enough to really know what I’m doing differently, but I have found certain things that have been working for me. I never touch the Subtract tool unless I need to remove mass from a part of the model, like flattening the belly or cutting out the eye sockets. Around the rabbit’s eyes I tried to think about how a rabbit’s eyes worked and looked at a ton of pictures of rabbit’s eyes. I used the Add tool to grow two flaps of skin above and below the eye from the walls of the eye sockets, and then used the Nudge and Smooth tools to fold them over the edges of the eye and shape them. I only used the Subtract tool if I made a mistake and added too much skin. I have found that in small areas like the eye that the Smooth tool is a better subtraction tool than Subtract is.

The end result was two lips of skin that wrapped partly around the eye sphere, which also created the folds at the corners or the eyes.

Well it came out great. As you can see my rabbit has lumps everywhere. I can’t get that level of smooth soothing you are getting. Anyway… good job!

I scrapped mine and started from scratch. I watched a few YouTube videos on Sculpting in Blender and found some common threads that didn’t follow the lecture’s methods. I tried them and as you can see, got much better results.

For one, I didn’t touch the Draw Sculpt tool Michael uses. Instead I used the clay strips which most of the other videos I watched swear by. It worked much better. Secondly, I lowered the number in the Dyntopo Detail Size to around 5. That made a huge difference. Then I used mostly the Clay strips to add and subtract, the smooth, the Grab to pull areas like the thighs out, and the hook to extrude ears and tail. I also used the Crease instead of the draw to make the mouth and nose. It worked MUCH better. I also used the bubble tool to subtract the eye sockets. SOOOOOOO much easier and cleaner.

He’s not as good as yours but then again you are clearly an artist artist… I’m a filmmaker artist so not as good at the drawing thing. I’m happy enough for now. Still think yours is way better!!! On to the next lecture… at last…

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I think yours is looking much better, very nice! You’ve gotten a good result around the shape of the eyes.

I haven’t tried the clay strips, but I agree about the draw sculpt tool. The Subtract tool, especially, just seems to ruin things when I use it. I will definitely try the clay strips in my next project.

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