I’m so stuck on my head sculpt - has anyone got any advice? xxx Jess

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I think the steps between sculpt, smoothing, and remesh where too fast (big).
As if you want to see the end result in a earlier stage.
That is why some places are bumpy. You need to smooth them.
But if the remesh steps are to big, then it is difficult to smooth them out (too many vertices involved).

The key factor is, I think, when scuplting. Small steps and corrections. Plan ahead. And a lot of practise.

Try it a second time?

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I found it hard to start. Try a new version. Get the shape as close as possible at a large size face mesh. Then only move to a bit finer detail.


thank you, i’m pretty frustrated with this, but i’m making progress

I’m not sure what you mean??? xxx Jess