Scroll position when browsing back


New user here and loving the course Im currently doing but oh boy to I hate this forum.

Im following the Unity Developer 3D course which has been out for a while so there are more than a screenfull of posts in most of the interesting lecture discussion pages. I like to view all uploaded images from all the peep that followed so I click on all posts but every time I browse back the scroll is reset to the top.

Is there anyway to fix this?
Its not a browser thing as this works on other sites so Im thinking its a problem with this forum code.


Hi Henrik,

As there is no indication this is something that is broken it would be difficult to say if there was a fix for it.

Could you perhaps provide a step-by-step set of instructions so that your experience can be reproduced? This would include exactly which category(ies) you are clicking on, which options you are clicking on and so on.