Screenshots of edited Landscapes

Moved the Starting point a bit and changed the skylight, I think it looks neat for the start.

Here are my screenshots of my edited landscape.
I played around with the different sculpting brushes and made a nice mountainous region.

I also extended the path, threw down some sand, and added more trees. I also enlarged the trees so it felt less empty.

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I wonder where the white and dark brown spots in the grass do come from?

Hey everybody!

First thing I’d like to thank the authors of the course, they really made me inspired with these simple but yet very cool challenges!

So I spent this evening by building a small Bull Cow town.

Here what I’ve got so far.

First, I decided that the Bull Cow Society definitely needs places to hang out:

Don’t ask me why these guys hang out in a corral. There is a much better place:

This is the favorite place to hang out among all the Bull Cow cows.
(basic landscape editing + a box with the water shader from the StarterContent pack).

Life in Bull Cow can also get really tough:


That’s all at the moment. Definitely had fun making this. Hope you have fun as well!

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Looks like the road buliders forgot about the mountain.

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You all have have amazing landscapes!

I played a bit with some tools, used the foliages as bushes, and worked a bit on one end of the road


I didn’t deviate too much another than add some different textures. I was trying to get a lake going, but didn’t know how to add the color blue without making the entire landscape that texture so that’s why its stone for now. I add more later.

Not sure if this is considered a word game anymore due to this layout.

Somewhat overhead view:

Didn’t do much to the landscape, spent most of my time adding the fences to the mountain path I made.


I love all the edited landscapes! You guys are all really creative!

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My bridge

My edited landscape:



Here’s mine so far :slight_smile: Does anyone know how I can add some paint to look like water beyond that beach area?

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Here’s mine, with bobblehead cows.

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It appears the baby cow got stuck in the tree, and the momma cow needs you to solve this word puzzle to get her out.

The other mama cow unfortunately is lost on the neighboring hill.

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