Screen Resolution issues when building Laser Defender

Hello all,

I am nearly done with the Laser Defender section of the course and thought it would be fun to build it and run it. When I build it, everything works but VERY incorrectly.

Specifically, the 9x16 resolution gets thrown out the window for a more typical 16x9. The camera viewport is the entire screen so the player can move off the playable map, the score is off to the very far right and at the start screen the title and playing instructions at the top are cut off.

I have tried to use ‘player settings’ on the build screen to force it out of fullscreen mode and into window mode. Tried tinkering with the “supported aspect ratios” to no avail.

Sample Screenshot

How can I get unity to build the project so that it runs in portrait mode? Maintains the proper aspect ratio?

Using unity 2019.1.2f1

Thank you in advance.


Welcome to our forum. :slight_smile:

Please follow my instruction in this thread. Did this help?

Yes it did. Thank you very much.

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