Here is my Sci-Fi Quiz game

I have noticed that other students have same problem where the text and buttons are too small on full screen. Another problem is the game starts too quickly therefore it’s easy to miss the first question fiddling around with the display. I guess that problem could be solved by adding a start screen.

Don’t sweat those things. They’re all things you’ll learn how to solve as you learn more as a game developer.

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Yes indeed. I just used these settings same as the old Number Wizard UI and looks great now.

make sure this setting is on all 3 Canvas’s.

That’s part of the solution…

See! You’re already learning this stuff! You’ll be a pro in no time!

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Hmm, pretty interesting. Definitely will try it later.
Quizzes are my favorite way to learn new things and see what mistakes I’ve made, especially when it comes to IT. I study at home, by myself, and at some points it’s hard to do it alone, without a teacher, so I try to get out of it somehow. And that’s where the quizzes help me.
Sometimes I use them for fun. For example, yesterday I did the original ceo snowflake test. It determines if you’re fragile or not. So yeah, it’s pretty interesting.

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Had fun making those Sci Fi noises :smiley: using the classic Reason synth Thor.

Yeh froseem it’s not a bad quiz if you like to watch Sci Fi. I tried to make it cover a wide spectrum not all just Star Wars and Star Trek. A friend of mine got nearly 100% and said he only got a couple wrong because he didn’t know that there was a timer.

Great work on this @louise_collins, I really like the additional improvements that you made.
I didn’t have any issues answering the first question in time but, with the knowledge you’ve gained from this section, you shouldn’t have any problems creating a simple start screen (Use the end screen for inspiration and then do a few minor modifications to the game manager)

On a separate note, where can I cash in my nerd points!?
(and also thank you for the special thanks! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:)